Become a NAGA Referee

NAGA is looking for qualified individuals to join our incredible referee team. Our referees travel the United States and the world officiating this great sport. NAGA referees are paid for working and travel & lodging is covered.

Though refereeing experience is helpful and may make it quicker to join our referee team, it is not required. Referees must be a purple belt or higher in BJJ. Blue belts can join our apprentice program to gain experience.

All applicants must first enter our Referee Apprentice program. You will be paired up with an experienced NAGA referee who will guide you through our processes and watch over you while you are refereeing to make sure the matches are scored correctly. During this time, in addition to gaining valuable experience on the mats officiating, you will learn our set up process and how to use the Smoothcomp tournament management system.

NAGA is very proud of our referee team. We look forward to you joining our team and becoming a NAGA Certified Referee.

Please complete this form and our Referee Training Coordinator will contact you. NAGA Referee Application