Most venues NAGA uses have had their capacity cut due to mandates in place during Covid. This can be a hard number or a percentage of their capacity. Due to the size of NAGA events, these capacity mandates would typically not allow for spectators (due to the number of competitors) which is why we use sessions. A session can be defined as a group of competitors separated by age, skill, etc., that compete at a certain time. The use of sessions allows for spectators to be present during the event and allows them to socially distance safely. Once a session is completed, all of that session must exit the facility so that the next session can enter. Coaches and family members that have members competing in multiple sessions are allowed into those sessions.

There are obvious drawbacks to sessions, the main one being that you may not be able to support others from your team. We know this is not ideal (what is during this time?) but in order to make it so that at least your family and friends can watch you compete this has proven to be the best set up.

Some notes about sessions:

Report times for sessions will be listed on the website the Thursday or Friday before the event once. This is the time you will be allowed to begin weighing-in (unless noted otherwise on the page for that event). All competitors are allowed to weigh-in at the Friday night weigh-in.

Once your session is over you will need to exit the facility.

Some venues have implemented a one spectator per competitor limit. This will be listed on the website if it is the case.

The information presented here is typically how sessions work at NAGA. Some events might have more or less mandates, please reference the tournament’s page in which you are competing for the most accurate information for that tournament.