Reality Fighting currently holds events in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Each state regulates MMA and are governed by rules set forth by that state's athletic commission. Below are links to each state's rules and licensing forms you (and your trainers and cornermen if applicable) will need to complete to get licensed in that state.

New Jersey
Amateur MMA Rules and Regulations (PDF 917KB)

Amateur Contestant Form (PDF 68KB)

  • You will need your trainer to sign the form stating that they approve of you fighting.
  • Amateur MMA fighters will need to submit negative blood tests for HIV/HEP-Bang/HEP-C dated within 180 days of the contest date (2/8/10 for Battle at the Beach 2010). Exact tests can be found in the Amateur Rules and Regulations document.
  • Fighters over 40 years of age and women fighters; please read the Amateur MMA Rules & Regulations document for a list of additional medicals you will need to submit to the commission.
  • There is no licensing fee.

Amateur Physical Form (PDF 27KB)

  • To be filled out by your doctor and submitted along with your contestant waiver and blood test results. Physical must be dated within 60 days of contest date (6/7/10 for Battle at the Beach 2010).

Amateur ID Card (PDF 48KB)

  • This national MMA identification card is required to fight. A color passport photo needs to be attached to the document. There is no fee required.

Link to NJ State Athletic Control Board website

FIGHTERS SCHEDULE (August 6, 2010)
3-5PM: Fighter check-in (tickets, corners, paperwork, etc.)
5-6PM: Weigh-ins. Do not be late. Weigh-ins last for one hour per NJSACB regulations.
6-7PM: Pre-fight medicals.
7-8PM: Rules meeting.


Massachusetts will be using the Unified MMA rules for professional bouts (the commission has modified certain rules). A copy of the commissions Laws & Regulations can be found HERE (PDF 636KB). Once we get a copy of the exact MMA rules we will post them here. The commission is newly formed and still refining their rules.

(note: The "double weigh-in" can be bypassed if both contestants agree to not use it)

For all applications, please be sure to fill them out completely. Each application contains a checklist to assist you, please use it.

Professional Fighter's License Application (PDF 98KB)

  • The list of items (fee, medicals, etc.) are listed in the form. Please use the checklist and submit all items, and fill out the form completely.

Professional Debut Form (PDF 74KB)

  • This form is for contestants who are making their professional MMA debut. The form must be signed by two individuals with knowledge of the contestant's training (one has to be the contestant's trainer).

Trainer's License (PDF 94KB)

  • All MMA trainers must complete and submit this form.

2nds/Corners License (PDF 93KB)

  • All 2nds/corners must be licensed.

Link to Massachusetts State Athletic Commission website