Reality Fighting - Battle at the Beach 2013
GI / BJJ Rules No GI Rules No GI Scoring Illegal Techniques Illegal Techniques

Reality Fighting returns to the Wildwoods Convention Center in lovely Wildwood, NJ on August 2, 2013 for our annual amateur MMA event. More information on this event, Tickets prices are $30 (General Admission Bleachers), $50 (Reserved Floor), $70 (Front Row Floor). Tickets are can be purchased online HERE or from any fighter on the card.

Doors open at 7PM, first fight is at 8PM.

Robert Fischer Budo JJ) vs. Allen Hendrickson (Vamos JJ)

Anthony Cole (Wise BJJ) vs. Matt Firneno (Catone MMA)

Edward Prince (Holmdel BJJ) vs. Matthew Spellen (Rising Sun)

Israel Encarnacion (Daddis) vs. Robert Coppola (Modern MA)

Ismael Garcia (Pellegrino MMA) vs. Chris Carey (Goldhawk)

Ivan Perez (Freestyle) vs. Jorge Luna (Pellegrino MMA)

Travis Foster (Freestyle) vs. Corey Callender (Vamos JJ)

Jack Cordero (Modern MA) vs. Ronny Davila (Budokan)

Patrick Egbert (Jerry Jones) vs. Guy Croce (Budo JJ)

Michael Paterno (Jerry Jones) vs. Jake Hoffman (Budo JJ)

Nate Fultz (Catone MMA) vs. Mike Harkin (Wise BJJ)

If you are interested in fighting, please fill out a fighter application HERE. in the EXPERIENCE box, please put RF-Battle at the Beach, then list your experience.