Reality Fighting Invictus
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Charles Garbiel def. Eric Colon by TKO
Matt Bessette def. Christian Correia
Jeff Haddad def. Ethan Kean by unanimous decision
Shawn Pacheco def. Kurt Calash by split decision
Jason Bennett def. Jack Compton by RNC
Bill Jones def. Denny Siggins by TKO
Ben Knight def. Kiel Santelli
Jonathan Sola def. Todd Selva by RNC
Justin Homsey def. Dan O'Keefe by Kimura
Ryan Schieding def. Jon Bermudez by unanimous decision
Nate Kittredge def. Curt Reid by TKO
Nate Lamotte def. Justin Hammerstrom by triangle



Charles Garbiel vs. Eric Colon

Colon swings for the fences, knocking Garbiel down. Colon attempts takedown and Colon locks in a standing guillotine. Garbiel hangs tough and knees to the thighs after pressuring Colon into the corner. Colon knees to the body and tosses Garbiel to the ground before letting him stand. They exchanges leg kicks as Garbiel circles to avoid Colon’s power. Garbiel continues to chop away with leg kicks. Colon is gassed.  Colon flurries in the corner, but Garbiel circles away again. Garbiel has a nasty cut over his left eye as round 1 ends.

Colon starts round 2 with some leg kicks, and Garbiel lands with a nice 1-2 combo. Both guys start swinging, but fatigue is obvious. Garbiel looks confident as he peppers Colon with jabs. Colon’s hands are at his waist as Garbiel starts landing with big right hands. Referee stops the contest due to unanswered strikes standing.

Winner: Charles Garbiel

Referee Stoppage

Round 2

Matt Bessette vs. Christian Correia

Bessette wobbles him immediately with a 1-2, and then locks in a standing guillotine as Correia clinches. They separate and Bessette knees to the body. Both guys swing wild and miss.  Bessette bodylocks and gets a takedown to guard. Bessette quickly passes to ½ and lands a good left hand. Bessette works the body and Correia gets a reversal to Bessette’s butterfly guard. Bessette stands and gets another takedown, almost ending up in a kimura. They scramble and Bessette gets a takedown to side mount. Bessette transitions to north-south . Correia escapes and gets a takedown as the round ends.

Correia leg kicks and swings, but slips. Bessette dives into his guard with a punch, working the body. He passes to ½ guard and then to mount. Correia turtles and reverses into Bessette’s guard. Bessette looks to set up a triangle, but not a lot of action otherwise. They are stood up by ref. Both guys land hard right hands. Correia swings big and misses, allowing Bessette to land some uppercuts. They clinch and Correia lands an unintentional knee to the groin. The fight resumes and Bessette lands some hard rights as the round ends.

Correia swings big as the round begins. Bessette drops him with a right hand, locking in a guillotine as Correia tries to stand back up.

Winner: Matt Bessette

Submission – Guillotine Choke

Round 3

Jeff Haddad vs. Ethan Kean

Haddad immediately shoots for a takedown into Kean’s guard. Kean does a good job defending from the bottom, using his flexibility to stop Haddad from passing. Kean is able to secure a triangle, but Haddad hangs tough and eventually passes to side mount. Haddad works an americana and Kean defends as the round ends.

Kean misses with a head kick, but lands with a body kick. Haddad isn’t throwing anything, but clinches and gets another takedown after a brief stall. They scramble after a leglock attempt by Kean, and Haddad gets another big takedown to side mount. Haddad mounts and lands some hard right hands, but Kean is squirmy and seems to be frustrating him. Haddad does some damage as the round ends.

Keans lands a clean leg kick, and Haddad lands a sweet throw to side mount. Haddad mounts as Kean looks to escape out the backdoor. Kean goes for a leglock from the bottom of mount, but Haddad escapes. Kean barely misses with a head kick, and attempts another one, which Haddad shoots under for another takedown. Kean defends from his guard as Haddad lands light hammer fists.  Haddad stands and lands one more punch as the round ends.

Winner: Jeff Haddad

Unanimous Decision


Ralph Green vs. Jay Fortier

Green does a vanishing act – he leaves the arena before his fight, even after warming up. No feasible explanation has been given.

Winner: Jay Fortier


Kurt Calash vs. Shawn Pacheco

Calash swings big as Pacheco looks for a takedown. Calash sprawls and comes around, attempting to take Pacheco’s back. Calash attempts an armbar, but Pacheco escapes and attempts to pass to side mount. Calash re-establishes guard, and lands from the bottom. Ref stands them up. Pacheco shoots and slams him with a double leg to half guard. Pacheco stands and lands, but almost jumps into a triangle. Calash looks for omoplata, but Pacheco hangs tough and lands from within the guard as the round ends.

Pacheco lands  a few stiff leg kicks, and looks for another takedown. Calash triesa guillotine, but gets slammed into side mount. Pacheco goes to north south. He looks for the kimura and calash turtles. Pacheco is still looking for the arm and takes mount after a brief scramble. Pacheco punches from mount as the round ends.

Pacheco looks for another another takedown, briefly getting stuffed before resting and getting a single leg to guard. Calash looks for an arm, but Pacheco escapes. They are stood up. Pacheco shoots again, and calash sprawls. Pacheco gets him against the ropes and completes the takedown to guard. Calash looks for the armbar again, but lets it go to stand up, where he lands a big slam. Pacheco immediately gets up, and looks for another takedown after a flurry from calash. Apcheco gets the takedown to half guard as the round ends.

Winner: Shawn Pacheco

Split Decision

Jack Compton vs. Jason Bennett

Bennett jabs and lands a leg kick. Compton rushes in and gets tagged. Bennett goes crazy, landing a ton of punches, busting open Compton’s nose with an illegal knee before taking him down and securing back mount. Bennett locks in the RNC for the tap.

Winner: Jason Bennett

Submission – RNC

Round 1

Bill Jones vs. Denny Siggins

Siggins looks for the takedown and Jones defends and punches to the body. Denny is refusing to give up his single, and is halfway between being on top and getting his back taken. Denny is bleeding from the nose, but gets the takedown to side mount. The place is going insane. Jones is controlling him from doing any damage; Denny can only knee to the body as the round comes to a close.

Denny lands a hard leg kick and clinches, but gets taken down to guard. Jones passes to half, and Denny locks it down. Not a lot of action as Denny won’t allow Jones to get space. Jones mounts and punches to the body as Denny holds on tight. Denny avoids serious damange as the round ends.

Denny gets taken down to guard, but almost sweeps. In the process, Jones passes to mount. Denny almost rolls out, but in doing so allows Jones to get space, and he rains down punches for the stoppage.

Winner: Bill Jones

Referee Stoppage

Round 3

Kiel Santelli vs. Ben Knight

Knight kicks and punches, avoiding Santelli’s attempts to clinch. Knight gets a bodylock and takes him down to side mount. He lands as Santelli turtles, standing as he eats more wild punches from Knight. This isn’t the most technical fight, with both guys already gassed. Knight unloads with another flurry, this time dropping Santelli.

Winner: Ben Knight

TKO – Punches

Round 1


Todd Selva vs. Jonathan Sola

Sola tags him with straight punches, using his height advantage. Solas takes his back standing and pulls him down with a RNC for the tap.

Winner: Jonathan Sola

Submission – RNC

Round 1

Dan O'Keefe vs. Justin Homsey

Homsey leg kicks and gets a quick TD to side mount, quickly mounting. Keefe reverses to Homsey’s guard. Homsey looks for a kimura, rolling to side mount before finishing it.

Winner: Justin Homsey

Submission – Kimura

Round 1

Jon Bermudez vs. Ryan Schieding

Jon swings big as Ryan looks for a takedown. Jon defends and tags him with several punches. Ryan clinches and takes his back standing, pulling him down and controlling back mount. He switches to mount and punches, as Jon tries to escape out the back door. Jon establishes guard and stuffs the arm for a triangle, but Ryan keeps posture to avoid danger. Jon scrambles to his feet and gets caught in guillotine, but escapes and lands a couple punches, before getting locked into a very tight armbar. Ryan switches to a shoulderlock, but the round ends.

Round two starts with both guys swinging wild. Ryan is cut, and lands a good knee to the body. Jon unloads with punches and Ryan clinches to a takedown. Ryan passes to half guard, but Jon re-establishes full guard. Ryan lands a stiff right and immediately passes to mount. Jon turtles and Ryan sprawls on a takedown attempt. Ryan stuffs him and Jon settles for half guard. He gets his guard back as the round ends.

Ryan shoots immediately and gets the takedown to guard. Jon sits up for a guillotine, but Ryan controls his wrist. Jon switches to an armbar, and Ryan stacks. Jon abandons the submission, but stuffs the arm for a tight triangle. Ryan escapes and passes to side mount. Jon turtles and Ryan gets overzealous looking for a rnc. John gets on top and attempts a guillotine from the top of Ryan’s half guard. He gets rolled and loses the choke. Ryan passes and lands a few hard shots before the round ends. AWESOME FIGHT

Winner: Ryan Scheiding

Unanimous Decision

Kurt Reid vs. Nate Kittredge

Nate swings and Kurt shoots. Nate sprawls and locks in a front headlock and lands some knees. Nate lands a huge right hand and Kurt clinches. They exchange knees as Nate pressures him into the corner. Nate swings wild and lands 2 of the 3. He lands another big right hand and Kurt clinches. Nate controls him with a one armed headlock, and they jockey in the clinch. Kurt tries a sweep and eats another right for his effort. Kurt breaks the clinch with a weak left hand. They’re clinched again against the ropes, and Kurt gets a takedown to half guard. Kurt lands a nice right hand, and passes to mount. Nate holds on tight, but Kurt gets space and lands some hard shots, before Nate turtles and scrambles to his feet. He lands another haymaker and clinches Kurt against the ropes. He swings wild again, and sprawls on a takedown attempt. Nate ducks a superman punch and clinches before separating again. Nate gets a takedown to side mount as the round ends.

Nate swings wide and stuffs another takedown, clinching and landing hard knees and big punches. Kurt hangs tough looking for the takedown, but Nate drops him with another giant right hand to the dome.

Winner: Nate Kittredge (retaining Middleweight Champ)

KO – Punch

Round 2

Interim Welterweight Title

Nate Lamotte vs. Justin Hammerstrom

Nate rushes in with big punches. Hammerstrom answers with a kick and headlock as Nate rushes in. Nate takes him down with a huge slam and lands some good punches before they scramble to their feet. Justin gets a takedown and Nate attempts a leglock. He gives it up and reverts to half guard. Justin chops away at the body as Nate holds on tight. Nate throws up a nice triangle as he gets his guard back for the tap. 

Winner: Nate Lamotte (new interim WW champ)

Submission – Triangle

Round 1