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Fight descriptions courtesy of Rick Caldwell,

To start, this has to be by far the best venue ever for a local show, and the place is packed! The fans are going crazy as the ring girls are introduced and the place continues to rock as the first fight starts. You’ll have to pay attention as I’ll go back and forth from the PBP I did at ringside and the commentary I’m adding the day after.

Oz Pariser (Kobukai Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Jonathan Sola (Burgess)

Oz opens the fight with a head kick that barely misses and the two exchange briefly. Oz gets a takedown and is in side mount. Oz is hammering from the top. Jon scrambles and takes the top position. The round ends as Jon throws his first strike from the top.

R2-Oz is bleeding from the nose. This round started completely differently. Both guys are striking like crazy and after a couple huge exchanges, Jon gets a takedown. As Jon tries to posture up and strike Oz locks up a fight ending arm bar that came out of nowhere.

Winner-Oz Pariser by arm bar 1:16 of R2.

Mark Hoxie (Shikaku-Ryu) vs. Rigo Dominicci (Freestyle)

Rigo opens up with some HUGE punches and drops Mark. Mark recovers well and keeps coming. They are stood up due to lack of action and Rigo again drops him. Hoxie gets up and is working for takedowns. Another big punch rocks Mark and after a failed takedown attempt Rigo takes his back and chokes him without setting the hooks.

Winner: Rig Dominicci by RNC at 2:32 of R1

Jose Lopes (Link) vs. Dan O’Keefe (CMFC)

Good high kicks from Jose. He’s winging kicks and punches and he is getting the better of Dan in the early going. He then picks up Dan and slams him down hard. Dan looks relaxed while Jose looks a little tense. As Jose tries to take the back, Dan reverses him and is punching from the top. They scramble to their feet and Jose is throwing looping punches. Jose goes for a throw but Dan reverses and gets the top position. He was landing bombs as the round ended.

R2-Good superman punch from Jose and he follows with a flurry that drops Dan. As they scramble up Dan can be heard saying something to his corner about popping his knee. Dan disengages from the clinch and lands a huge right that drops Jose. The fight is immediately stopped. It looked like the referee was ready to stop it as the punch landed.

Winner: Dan O’Keefe-Referee stoppage due to injury at :55 of R2

I really enjoy watching Bill Luff’s guys fight. They always stay composed and always bring it. I wish they were more active as I always get excited to see their names on the card. If only we could get Luff back in the ring…

Ethan Kean (Royce Gracie) vs. Shawn Pacheco (Renzo Gracie NH)

Shawn lands a punch that drops the off balance Ethan Kean. As Ethan works a takedown Shawn pulls a sick sweep (The one Diaz kept trying on Sherk) and is mounted. He’s landing punches from the top but only throws a few at a time. Ethan is trying to roll but Shawn is holding on. With only 30 seconds in the round I can’t understand why Shawn isn’t throwing more punches.

R2-Shawn gets a takedown as Ethan throws a kick. Shawn is striking from the top and as Ethan tries to roll out, Shawn takes his back. He works the RNC and eventually gets the tap.

Winner: Shawn Pacheco by RNC at 1:20 of R2

I was glad to see Shawn win, as he was clearly the more polished fighter of the two, but from a fight fans perspective, I wish he was more active when he had the mount. If you work hard enough to get the mount, you better make the best of it and try to take the guy out. It worked out well for him this time, but how much would he be kicking himself if he didn’t really try to finish from the mount and he got caught in round two. With experience I’m sure he’ll fix it though.

Kevin Coon (Lion Kill) vs. Jay Fortier (Burgess)

Kevin gets a quick takedown and is reversed as he tries to mount. Every time Jay tries to strike Kevin tries to work the triangle. Kevin pushes him away and immediately shoots for the TD. He gets it and is landing hammers from the top. Jay is in serious trouble. His left arm is trapped and Kevin switches from punches to the face into a side choke and gets the tap.

Winner: Kevin Coon by Side Choke R1

Kevin looked more slick than the PBP described. I hope to see more of him soon.

Cody Marandola (Eclectic Karate) vs. Steve Banasik (Santos)

I don’t know how it happens but every time Cody fights, his opponent is always the scariest looking guy in the building. They exchange standing up and Steve gets a take down and passes to mount. As Cody tries to roll, Steve takes his back. They scramble and are on their feet. Cody now gets a takedown into mount but Steve establishes guard. The guy behind me is screaming "Split his fucking head open!" over and over. Not much action and they are stood up. Steve lands a good kick to the body and eats a punch for his trouble.

R2-Steve looks tired. Cody is throwing everything he can at Steve. Steve lands a good knee to the body and I’m not sure what happened but Cody drops and seems to have injured his knee.

Winner: Steve Banasik by injury in :37 of R2

Jesse Peterson (Freestyle) vs. Justin Rivet (Burgess)

The crowd is really behind Jesse, and he has great entrance music also. A very good takedown from Peterson to open the fight. He passes to side mount and is landing short punches. Justin gets to half guard but Peterson is still punching. They end up back on their feet and Peterson takes him down again and passes. He goes knee on belly and grabs a quick arm bar for the win and the place absolutely explodes.

Winner: Jesse Peterson by arm bar in 2:49 of R1

I was very impressed with Jesse. His wrestling was awesome, his punches were explosive and he finished with an arm bar. I’m not sure where Kipp and Joe manage to find these new comers that are this good, but this guy has the talent to be one of the best in the area very soon.

Mike Laliberte (Irish) vs. Matt Johnson (SSSF)

Mike ate a punch and then got taken down. Matt lands about 50 punches to the ribs of Laliberte but they don’t seem to bother him. They are stood up and Mike gets a tight clinch. Matt gets another takedown and is landing short shots. Mike sweeps to mount but the round ends before he can capitalize.

R2-Mike opens with a big right and clinches his way into a takedown. He’s stuck in half guard and is having trouble passing. He’s landing short punches but isn’t doing much damage. Mike gets the pass he was looking for and finishes with his patented key lock.

Winner: Mike Laliberte by key lock in 2:42 of R2

Glenn Brown (Burgess/Kittredge) vs. Chris Grandmaison (Renzo Gracie NH)

Chris opens with a leg kick and a takedown attempt. Glenn sprawls and gets a nice throw of his own. He quickly mounts Chris and takes his back. He seems to be trying to submit him with a full nelson. He switches to RNC but Chris is defending well. He switches to an arm bar and Chris is out! He lands 2 really hard punches before Glenn ties him up. Glenn showed great control in round 1, but was nowhere near finishing Chris. He’s clearly stronger and a more polished wrestler, but if lets Chris stay in it, he may get caught.

R2-They look tentative as the round opens. Chris tries a superman punch and ends up in a clinch. Glenn keeps trying to throw him. As Glen takes him down Chris nearly finishes him with a guillotine. Glenn again gets mount, then back. Glenn is holding on but not trying to finish as the round ends.

R3-Glenn drops to his back to avoid a guillotine and he’s holding on tight. Chris lands a couple good punches and Glenn tries for a foot lock and ends up rolling Chris. Glenn has a great position and works a kimura for the win.

Winner: Glenn Brown by Kimura in 2:07 of R3

This was a very tough fight for Chris. He looked to be much smaller than Glenn and I was very impressed with Glenn’s wrestling. For rounds one and two, I was pissed and trying to figure out a way to hate on a guy that would most likely win by UD without coming close to finishing, but still ended up beating one of the area’s best 155ers in his first fight. Glenn looked too strong on the ground to be submitted but didn’t seem too concerned with finishing the fight. Round 3 was completely different. I’m not sure what happened, but he went for a foot lock from the bottom and ended up submitting a very talented guy. As a writer/fan I was happy to see him finish the fight. If he continues to fight often, Glenn will be one of the best 155ers in the area by year’s end. On a personal level, it sucked because I like Grandmaison a ton and it looked like he popped his shoulder out. Rumor has it this was his last fight at 155, and Chris will be a killer at 145. Hopefully the shoulder isn’t too bad. One thing that Glenn needs to work on is not getting punched while on his back. I imagine he hasn’t practiced it that much because his wrestling is sick, but the times Chris got on top, literally everything he threw landed. He’d throw 3 punches, all would land hard but Glenn would end up rolling him off. If he’s in with a guy who he can’t muscle off him, he can’t eat clean shots like that.

Nolan Dutcher (Lion Kill) vs. Mike Campbell (Borellis)

Two huge punches from Mike open the action. He seemed to hurt Nolan. Nolan goes for a TD but Mike manhandles him to the mat. Mike is on top in half guard. Both guys are landing short punches. Mike hits like a truck and you can hear every punch he lands no matter how short. Mike stands and lets him up. Nolan looks tired. Mike lands a couple punches and a big throw as the round ends.

R2-Mike lands a huge counter left and stuns Nolan and follows with a head kick that knocks him clean out. Dutcher seems to be awake now, but he still looks a bit out of it as he stands up. Mike was impressive in his first fight (a win over Jay Dublin) but his striking looked much improved this time around. Hopefully we see him again soon.

Winner: Mike Campbell by KO in :16 or R2

Wow, what a terrible first fight for Dutcher. I heard great things about his grappling but he never got to show any of it. Campbell is probably the best pure athlete fighting in this area and he’s freakishly strong. He’s another guy with only a couple fights that could be one of the best if he stayed active. I was also excited to see Nolan fight and I hope to see him again against someone other than Campbell.

Brendan Hoxie (Shikaku-Ryu) vs. Nate Lamotte (Burgess)

Hoxie is the man…he’s got awesome entrance music and has huge "The Thing" gloves on and is playing it up along with his little brother (10 years old or so) who followed him to the ring topless with a mask and fight gloves on. Now the fun is over because he has to fight Nate LaMotte. Nate is coming off a couple losses and looks pissed. Nate eats a leg kick and gets a quick takedown. He mounts but Hoxie escapes. After a scramble Nate is on top in north/south. Hoxie manages to take his back and grab an armbar. It looks tight but Nate escapes and is on top again. Nate gets mount and is again reversed by Hoxie and his flexibility.

R2-They clinch and Nate takes him down. Hoxie has a slick guard and nearly gets another arm bar. Nate is stacking him up but not having much luck. Hoxie seems to be slipping out of everything. Brendan lands a good shot from the bottom but it seemed to annoy Nate and he rages out with a few punches of his own.

R3-Brendan barely misses with a head kick and gets slammed hard for it. Nate gets mount again and it looks like Nate is trying to wrap his hands around Hoxie’s throat and choke him drunken husband style. Hoxie forces a scramble but ends up on his back again. Hoxie is working another arm bar but isn’t really that close. With 10 seconds left Hoxie grabs the arm bar and it’s locked out! Nate tries to escape but seems to be stuck! Enough of the drama…he got out as time expired and wins a decision.

Winner: Nate LaMotte by UD

It’s good to see Nate back to his winning ways and it’s good to see Hoxie give yet another tough fighter hell…it’d be nice if he could get matched up against someone who’s not one of the areas best.

Jerry Spiegel (Lion Kill) vs. Nate Kittredge (Burgess)

Nate comes out fast and furious with punches. He takes Jerry down into half guard but Jerry quickly gets full guard. Nate lands a couple hard punches to the body and they get back to their feet. Nate slams him down into side mount. Nate lands some good knees to the body and takes the back. Jerry is smiling and eating punches from the bottom as the round ends.

R2-Jerry lost a tooth in round one and looks pissed. Nate clinches up takes him down again. Nate is trying to mount and is taking his time setting up his strikes. Jerry escapes and Nate is working a guillotine. Jerry escapes but is again on bottom. Nate mounts but isn’t landing much at first. Nate again gets his back and is punching away at Jerry.

R3-Jerry lands a good leg kick but Nate again clinches him up and takes him down. Nate passes to side mount, then mount. Jerry rolls him over and is in half guard. Jerry drops back for a foot and is trying for a last ditch straight ankle lock. It looks tight and Nate is holding on with 30 seconds left. Nate escapes and mounts as time expires.

Winner: Nate Kittredge by UD

Very good showing from Nate. I’d love to see what’s next from him.

Welter Weight Title Fight

Marco Alvan (Link) vs. Justin Hammerstrom (Tengu)

Alvan has cool entrance music and a cool robe to match. Good punches from Justin open the fight. Justin has a tight guillotine and Marco is turning purple! Marco escapes and hammers from the top. He passes to side mount then mount. Marco is landing from the top but Justin escapes and is trying to avoid the takedown. They exchange punches and both guys got the worst of it. Justin lands a huge throw and gets one arm trapped and is landing punches from side mount. Marco escapes and again gets top position.

R2-Marco gets a TD and is in side mount. Marco is trying to improve his position but not having much luck. Justin reverses and takes his back, then is hammering down with punches from mount! He again takes the back, then mount and is landing a ton! Justin looks too tired to land anything solid and switches to arm bar but can’t finish it before the round expires.

R3-Marco looks tired and ends up on his back. Justin mounts and is landing punch after punch and the fight is stopped. A bunch of Justin’s fans/teammate’s run into the ring and nearly trample Marco…very uncool.

Winner: Justin Hammerstrom by TKO in 2:35 of R3-Justin retains his welter weight title

OK…Justin proved me wrong. I’ve seen most, but not all of his fights. I saw both of his losses and a couple wins and wasn’t that impressed with him. I didn’t see him beat LaMotte so I assumed Nate had an off night. Holy shit was I wrong. Justin was dominant in this fight. At times he was out grappling the BJJ black belt. I’m now really excited about him fighting Woody Weatherby.

Light Weight Title Fight

Anthony Leate (Aggression) vs. Eddie Fyvie (Renzo Gracie)

Anthony took this fight on a couple days notice but looks ready. Eddie looks confident. Anthony lands a ton of punches to open the fight and Eddie pulls guard. We all know how good Eddie’s guard is and Lauzon is trying to coach him through it. He gets back to his feet, lets Eddie up and lands a HUGE flurry that drops Eddie and he’s just about out! Anthony follows him to the mat and finishes what he started with a barrage of punches that knocks Eddie out!

Winner: Anthony Leate by KO in 1:46 of R1 and is the new RF light weight champion

Yet another "Holy Shit" finish. I felt bad for Eddie as it was one of those KO’s that left his face all banged up. Anthony has looked great in all his fights, but it has to be a surprise to most that he took out Eddie Fyvie and won the RF Title. This is yet another guy that I can’t wait to see what’s next from. He now holds one of the 4 local titles, and with how deep 155 is locally, the possibilities are endless.