Reality Fighting 11
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FIGHT 1: TOM VELASQUEZ vs. EDDIE FYVIE (3 - 3 minute rounds)

After a good jab from Eddie, Tom clinches, and eventually gets Eddie on his back. While Tom is punching, Eddie nearly catches him in a triangle, but Tom defends well. Eddie nails a nice sweep, and manages to take his back in transition. Eddie has trapped his right arm in a reverse body triangle, and is working the RNC as the round ends. Tom escapes just as the bell rings.

Round 2

Eddie lands a big leg kick, and again Tom clinches right up, and slams him hard to the mat. Eddie immediately goes for an arm bar, and quickly switches to a triangle. Tom tries 3 times to slam his way out, but eventually has to tap out.

Winner: Eddie Fyvie-Submission(Triangle choke)

FIGHT 2: JIM MILLER vs. KEVIN RODDY (2 - 5 minute rounds)

Both miss a few strikes to open the bout, and they clinch and scramble to the mat, with Jim in Kevin's guard. Kevin nearly has an arm bar, but jim defends, lands several strikes, and quickly takes the back of the turtled Kevin Roddy. From there, he sinks one of the fastest RNCs I have ever seen for the win.

Winner: Jim Miller-Submission (RNC)

FIGHT 3: ED MEDEIROS vs. CHAZ ACKLES (3 - 3 minute rounds)

This ring may not be big enough to hold these two giants. As the bell rings, they come out striking with Ed dropping Chaz with a jab! Chaz jumps right back up, but ED uses a lateral drop to full mount! This fight is all action! Ed is landing a ton of punches from the mount, and Chaz taps from the punishment.

This was another stellar performance from Ed Medeiros.

Winner: Ed Medeiros-Submission (Strikes from mount)

FIGHT 4: CHRIS FANELLI vs. CHRIS SCHLESINGER (3 - 3 minute rounds)

Fanelli throws a huge right, and Schlesinger takes him down herd into half guard. He passes to side mount, and quickly mounts. He walks him to the corner, and starts to throw some strikes. They scramble a bit, and Schlesinger takes his back, and is working the RNC. Fanelli tries to get out, but gets flattened out, and is forced to tap.

Winner: Chris Schlesinger-Submission(RNC)

FIGHT 5: CARLOS NIEVES vs. MIKE LITTLEFIELD (3 -3 minute rounds)

The crowd went absolutely crazy as these guys entered the ring. There is a wicked exchange of punches to start the figt, and both guys were landing! Mike's strikes looked a bit more technical, but Carlos seems stronger. After an inadvertent groin strike from Carlos, they resume the fight with more striking! Mike is landing uppercuts from the clinch, and as he stuns Carlos, he takes his back. Carlos powers out and is back to his feet!

Mike again rocks him, and gets Carlos down. Mike lands about 25 unanswered punches (no I'm not exaggerating), and the referee mercifully stops the fight. Carlos didn't seem that hurt, but he was unable to protect himself.

Winner: TKO(referee stoppage from strikes)

FIGHT 6: MIKE MASSENZIO vs. BILL SCOTT (3 - 3 minute rounds)

Mike lands a right, and quickly shoots for the takedown. Bill is working a tight guard. There is some blood coming from the eyebrow of Bill, and Mike is landing some serious strikes from the top. Bill still looks comfortable on the bottom though. They stop the action to take a look at the cut. The fight resumes with Mike in Bill's guard. Bill is working hard from the bottom, and actually landed some solid strikes as the round ended.

In between rounds, the doctor stops the fight due to the cut.

Winner: Mike Massenzio-TKO (dr. stoppage from cut)

FIGHT 7: GREGG SMALL vs. GEORGE SULLIVAN (2 - 5 minute rounds)

A big spinning back kick from George to open the fight, and after a huge scramble, Gregg has him on his back. George sweeps him, and ends up in his guard. George lands some very hard punches, and takes his back. He is working the RNC for quite a while, but Gregg gives the thumbs up to say he's ok. Gregg gets out, but George still has his back. Gregg is taking a ton of punches, but is showing a ton of heart to stay in this fight. Gregg seemed to be getting out, but they get tangled in the ropes, and the referee starts them in the middle with George on his back again. After another RNC attempt, Gregg pulls him into mount, and is taking a ton of hard punches from the mount. The round ends as Gregg eats a few more punches.

Round 2

George lands a clean superman punch, and is out on his feet. George drops him, and is landing shot after shot from the mount. Many at ringside are screaming for the corner to throw in the towel. The referee steps in and stops the fight.

Winner: George Sullivan-TKO(referee stoppage-strikes from mount)

FIGHT 8: JUSTIN WALKER vs. ANTHONY D'ANGELO (3 -3 minute rounds)

Anthony lands a huge head kick to open the fight, but Justin shakes it off. Anthony is bouncing, and looks very comfortable. As Justin rushes in, Anthony takes him down into side mount. Justin escapes to his feet, and Anthony lands a huge right. They are trading shots in the center of the ring, and Anthony again takes him down into side mount. Anthony is landing a punch here and there, but Justin escapes to his feet before the round ends.

Round 2

They are tentative as the round opens, throwing one punch or kick at a time. Anthony grazes his face with another kick, but Justin looks to be fine. Anthony lands a big right that momentarily freezes Justin. Justin catches a leg kick, and lands a big right before Anthony takes him down. Anthony is bleeding a little bit. The round ends with Justin trying an arm bar, but not coming all that close to finishing it.

Round 3

Justin is stalking him, and Anthony keeps moving backward. Justin lands a big body kick, followed by a couple right hands. Anthony is again bleeding from under his right eye. Justin looks tired, but Anthony still moves backward. It looks like he's trying to counter. As Anthony slips a punch, he takes Justin down. He is laying in Jutin's guard, and Anthony's corner is screaming at him to either pass or get up. The referee stands the fighters up. With 10 seconds left Justin lands a right that wobbles Anthony. It looked to be more of a balance issue, and he lands a similar punch that wobbles Justin as the final bell rings.

Winner: Justin Walker-Split decision(29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

FIGHT 9: JEFF WILLIAMSON vs. JOEY SCAROLA (3 -3 minute rounds)

Joey is immediately looking for the takedown with Jeff wildly throwing punches to defend. Joey passes to side mount, and mounts right away. Before he even settles in, he goes for an arm bar, and nearly gets it. After a scramble, Joey ends up in his guard, but passes again to side mount right away. He quickly mounts, and nails the arm bar for the win!

Winner: Joey Scarola-submission(arm bar)

FIGHT 10: DAN MILLER vs. JAY COLEMAN (2 -5 minute rounds)

Jay punches his way into a clinch, and Dan pushes him into the ropes to land some hard knees. Jay loses his mouth piece. As Jay tries to throw him, Dan takes his back! Dan transitions to an arm bar, and quickly gets it extended for the win.

Winner: Dan Miller-submission (arm bar)


Kurt drops him flat on his back with the first punch he throws, and is landing punch after punch! He grabs a guillotine, and pulls guard, which he quickly turns into a full mount! He continues to squeeze the guillotine, and gets the submission win.

Winner: Kurt Pellegrino-Submission (guillotine choke)

FIGHT 12: DEIVIDAS TAUROSEVICIUS vs. JAY ISIP (3 - 4 minute rounds)

Lightweight Title Fight

They touch gloves and get right into it. Deividas lands a monster kick to the head, and Jay falls right into a guillotine choke! Isip is choked unconscious faster than I have ever seen when in a guillotine choke. As Jay wakes up, he is confused, and wants to know what happened.

Winner: Deividas Taurosevicius-KO (guillotine choke)

FIGHT 14: DANTE RIVERA vs. RONALD STALLINGS (3 - 4 minute rounds)

Middleweight Title Fight

They are feeling each other out, and after a leg kick from Stallings, Rivera takes him down hard into his guard. Ronald is working a kimura from the bottom, and Dante slams him hard to the mat. Ronald is still holding the arm, and the referee stands them up. Dante again takes him down. Ronald escapes back to his feet, and grabs his head for a guillotine. Ronald lands a good knee, but lets go of the head. Dante gets him down again, but Ronald nearly catches him in an omo plata! After shaking him off, they are back to their feet. Ronald is working a standing guillotine as round 1 ends.

Round 2

Between rounds Ronald looks to be the fresher of the two fighters. Ronald throws a couple big kicks, but is again taken down. Ronald escapes to his feet, and they clinch. Both are throwing knees. Dante uses a double underhook to take Ronald down. Dante barely misses a huge right hand. They are back up, and clinched. Both look very relaxed. Dante takes him down again, but Ronald is working a kimura. The referee stands them up again. After a flying knee attmept, Ronald grabs a guillotine and pulls guard. Dante escapes, and is back to his feet as the round ends.

Round 3

They immediately clinch, and there isn't a ton of action. Dante is trying to get him down, and Ronald is defending. The referee separates them, and Ronald opens up with a barrage of punches that rocks Dante. As Dante shoots, Ronald kicks him in the head, and a point is taken away for the illegal strike (kicking a down fighter).

They touch gloves and resume the fight. Again, they are clinched with Ronald landing knees. Dante takes him down again. Renzo is screaming "20 seconds left!" They are somewhat tangled in the ropes, and the fight ends with Dante in Ronald's guard.

Winner: Dante Rivera-Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)