Reality Fighting 7
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Reality Fighting VII - October 16, 2004
Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City, NJ

With just under 3,000 in attendance, Reality Fighting VII was the largest attended event in our 6 year history. More importantly, fight fans were treated to 12 tremendous bouts.


Dom Stanco Def Charles Vuolo Submission (Strikes) 0:35 1
Rich Latta Def Daniel Coffman Decision 0:00
Dominic Dellagatta Def Bill Scott Decision 0:00
Mike Ciesnolevicz Def Todd Going Submission (Guillotine Choke) 0:17 2
Carmello Marrero Def Chris Dippolito Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1:02 1
Jesse Moreng Def Jay Isip Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1:24 2
Anthony McDonald Def Anthony D'Angelo Decision 0:00
Dante Rivera Def Jay Handley Submission (Guillotine Choke) 1:00 1
Norman Schack Def Jay Frankovich TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes) 1:30 1
Laura D'Auguste Def Amanda Buckner Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 3:39 2
Lance Everson Def Jordan Pergola TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes) 3:34 2
Carlos Cline Draw Glen Sandull Draw 5:00 3
Eddie Alvarez Def Chris Schlesinger Submission (Verbal Submission)


1.Charles Vuolo (KOA) vs. Dom Stanco (Bellmore Kickboxing)

A quick clinch by Dom followed by a huge slam starts the night off with a bang! Dom takes side control, and throws a flurry of punches. Charles eats several punches, and the referee is forced to stop the bout at the time of 35 seconds in round 1. Winner: Dom Stanco

2.Daniel Coffman (Balance Studios) vs. Rich Latta (Renzo Gracie)

Latta fires a leg kick, only to be taken down, and into the guard. Latta is throwing some very hard shots from the bottom while looking for the sweep. The two are trapped in the ropes, and are stood up. They clinch, and Latta nearly ends it with a guillotine. Coffman escapes, but eats a few hard shots in the process as the round ends.

Round 2. Good leg kick by Latta to start the round. Coffman then responds with a big haymaker. As Latta throws a body kick, Coffman catches it, and takes him down. They both throw some punches from the ground, but nothing that really affects each other. With 20 seconds left, they are stood up, and both flurry to the finish. Winner: Rich Latta (Decision)

3. Dominic Dellagatta (TSK) vs. Bill Scott (Renzo)

Awesome staredown before the fight. Bill is almost smiling at him as the fight starts. Dom comes in with huge punches, and drops Bill with a right. Bill defends from the bottom, and gets back to his feet. Dom continues to wing punches at Bill while on their feet. Dom is trying to sink in a choke, but can't finish it. Dom ends up in Bills guard. Both are throwing punches from the ground as the round ends.

Round 2. Dom refuses to touch gloves as the round starts. Bill clinches, and lands some solid knees. They again hit the mat, and Bill is working hard from the bottom. Dom lands a few very hard shots and cuts Bill badly. The fight ends with both throwing pitter patter from the ground. Winner: Dominic Dellagatta (Decision)

4.Todd Going (Jersey Shore BJJ) vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz (MFS)

The two feel each other out as they circle the ring. Todd takes him down into Mike's guard. Mike barely misses a triangle choke. Todd takes his back, but can't set the hooks. Mikes reverses it, and they are both on their feet. Mike lands a hard leg kick, and is again taken down into the guard. A beautiful sweep puts Mike into the mount with 30 seconds left in the round. Mike lands a couple punches, but is unable to finish Todd before the round ends.

Round 2: Todd shoots in for another takedown, and winds up in a textbook guillotine choke, and Mike finishes it with only 17 seconds expiring in the round. Winner: Mike Ciesnolevicz.

5.Chris Dipplito (Team KOA) vs. Carmello Marrero (SBG)

Carmello gets a quick takedown into half guard, and passes to full mount. He's throwing bombs, but Chris seems to be ok. After a few hard shots, Chris gives up his back, and Carmello ends the fight with a rear naked choke (time 1:02). Winner: Carmello Marrero

6.Jesse Moreng (TSK) vs. Jay Isip (End Game)

Jay lands two hard rights to start the fight followed by a solid body kick, and Jesse clinches him up. Jay is landing the harder knees and punches from the clinch. Jay lands another big right, but Jesse just eats it, and keeps coming. Jesse knocks Jay down with a right, but Jay quickly gets up, and responds with punches of his own. These two are killing each other on their feet! Both are wobbled several times. Jesse gets a takedown, and Jay is nearly choked out. As the round ends, Jesse knocks Jay down, and Jay falls again on the way back to the corner.

Round 2: Jay looks out on his feet as he starts the round, but lands a monstrous flurry, and seems to be in good shape. Both are landing just about everything they throw. I don't know what is keeping these guys up! Jay is rocked several times, and is again dropped. I honestly don't know why this wasn't stopped. Jay is getting nailed, but keeps coming. He gets taken down, and Jesse takes his back and wins by rear naked choke. Winner: Jesse Moreng

7. Anthony McDonald (Jay Lally) vs. Anthony D'Angelo (Panza Kickboxing)

All I've heard since I've been in AC was how I better keep my eye on D'Angelo. He's been called a true prodigy by all the local guys. McDonald throws some good shots and D'Angelo goes for a takedown, but nearly gets guillotine choked. After a scramble, McDonald is on top in D'Angelo's guard. D'Angelo goes for a triangle, but McDonald escapes. McDonald is landing some punches to the body, and some good knees to the thigh, They are stood up, and McDonald is landing some punches, and D'Angelo clinches him up. Both looked great in round 1.

Round 2. As McDonald punches, D'Angelo continues to clinch him up, and look to get him off his feet. D'Angelo disengages and lands a strong right. This seems to anger McDonald, and he is throwing bombs. Not a many are landing, but he does land a few solid shots that rock D'Angelo. D'Angleo gets a strong takedown, but McDonald escapes to his feet. There is one minute left, and McDonald's corner hasn't said a word, while D'Angelo's is screaming commands. McDonald lands the better punches as the fight ends. This is a tough fight to call. McDonald was the busier fighter, but D'Angelo seemed to control the clinch. Winner: Anthony McDonald (Decision)

8. Jay Handley (Ground Zero) vs. Dante Rivera (Renzo)

Dante lands a big right to start the fight, and takes Jay down into the guard. Jay barely misses an omo plata, and they manage to get back to their feet. Jay eats another punch, then Dante pulls guard, and guillotine chokes Jay for the win. Winner: Dante Rivera

Light Heavyweight Title
9. Lance Everson (Boneyard) vs. Jordan Pergola (Bellmore Kickboxing)

Lance slips a punch and goes for a takedown. Jordan the throws Lance out of the ring….literally. Lance gets back into the ring, and ends up in the guard. Jordan is working hard for the pass, but Lance escapes, and is back to his feet. Lance is using the ring well, as he pins Jordan in the corner. Lance eats some solid punches, but only smiles at him, and slams Jordan hard to the mat. Lance is now in half guard. He is landing some viscous knees to the ribs of Jordan. Jordan looks tired as the round ends.
Round 2. Lance lands a good body kick, then falls while attempting a head kick. Jordan lands some very hard punches to the ribs, but is again taken down hard by Lance. Lance is landing some punches from sidemount, and is looking for a choke. Lance is landing even more punches, but they seem to not bother Jordan very much. As Lance goes for a key lock, Jordan escapes to his feet. They exchange some hard shots, and Lance again works for side control. He ends up in perfect position, and rains down bombs that end the fight. Winner: Lance Everson. (Now both Mass Destruction, and Reality Fighting Champ)

10. Jay Frankovich (Freestyle) vs. Norm Shack (Renzo)

They exchange punches, and Norm gets a takedown into mount. He's trying to punch, but Jay is defending well. Jay eventually gives up his back, and Norm finishes the fight with punches from his back. Winner: Norm Shack

Womens Lightweight Title fight.
11.Laura D'Auguste (TSK) vs. Amanda Buckner (Academy of MMA)

They clinch, and Amanda gets a takedown into Laura's guard. Amanda slams Laura twice, and is looking to pass her guard. They get back to their feet, and exchange a flurry of punches with Laura getting the better of it. Amanda gets another takedown, and goes for an Achilles lock. Laura escapes, but eats a few punches shortly after. The round ends with both working hard on the mat.

Round 2. Laura rushes in, clinches, and takes Amanda's back right away to start the round. Amanda tries to escape, and gets half guard, then full guard. Laura is landing punches as Amanda is trying to position herself for a submission. Laura passes her guard, and mounts Amanda. Amanda is getting pummeled, and gives up her back. The more experienced Laura D'Auguste ends the fight by rear naked choke. Winner: Laura D'Auguste

Heavyweight Title fight
12.Carlos Cline (Renzo) vs. Glen Sandull (Planet Jiu-Jitsu)

They clinch, and are both throwing knees to the body from the clinch. They disengage, and Greg lands a giant right hand. Carlos throws a kick as Glen shoots, and it hits Glen flush on the jaw, but he still manages to get the takedown. Glen is throwing, but not really landing as the round ends.

Round 2. Glen gets a takedown to start the round, and is throwing punches to the body and head. He stands and attempts to pass. They are both stood up after a lull in the action. After a scramble, they end up on the ground again. Carlos lands an absolute bomb from the bottom and gets on top of Glen. He's landing shot after shot from half guard as the round ends.

Round 3. Glen starts the round off with another takedown, and is trying to land from the guard. He's used this strategy the whole fight. Carlos is now talking in Glen's ear. Carlos continues to kick up at Glen, and is penalized a point for the intentional fouls. Glen is now in half guard. They are stood of for a lack of action, and Carlos is the aggressor in the standup. Glen gets yet another takedown as the round ends. Winner: Draw

Welterweight Title fight
13. Eddie Alvarez (Fight Facroty) vs. Chris Schlesinger (Bellmore Kickboxing)

Chris is going for really low takedowns, and Eddie is sprawling like crazy. Chris is butt scooting after the takedown attempts. Chris shoots for 3 or 4 takedowns, and Eddie is throwing bombs. One really hard punch gets through while Chris is on his back, and he looks out. They are in the ropes, and they are stood up. The only problem with that is that Chris can't get up. The Referee had no choice but to stop the fight. Winner: Eddie Alvarez