Reality Fighting - Throwdown
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Reality Fighting - Throwdown played in front of a packed house. The sell out crowd witnessed two titles change hands.

BJJ World Champion and undefeated MMA fighter, Rene Nazare (Dungeon MMA), took on undefeated lightweight champion Tony Leate (Aggression/Lakeville MMA). Rene and Tony began the fight throwing bombs at one another which had the crowd roaring in approval. Rene was able to clinch and land a big knee to the champs chin. This strike looked to have stunned Leate, Nazare would not give him any time to recover. Rene began taking Tony down and was eventually able to take his back and secure the rear naked choke for the victory. Rene Nazare is the new Reality Fighting Lightweight Champion.

Rene Nazare def. Tony Leate, Round 1, 2:51, sub (RNC)

The "Most Hated Man in MMA", Tim Pinney, took on Welterweight Champion, Chuck "Cold Steel" O'Neil. At the start of the fight, Pinney did not look to want to engage with O'Neil. Cold Steel was finally able to close the distance and hit Pinney with some solid strikes, and get a takedown. O'Neil was able to secure full mount and started to rain down shots on Pinney. Pinney tried to escape out the back door but O'Neil countered with more strikes. Pinney gave it one more try and was able to reverse from being mounted to having a full blown heel hook. O'Neil tried to spin out of it but the hold was too tight and he was forced to tap. Tim Pinney is the new Reality Fighting Welterweight Champion.

Tim Pinney def. Chuck O'Neil, Round 1, 2:01, sub (heel hook)



Tim Silva def. Kiel Santelli, Unanimous Decision
Alex Dunworth def. Josh Parker,
Unanimous Decision

Tom Giove def. Kurt Calash, Round 3, 2:03, sub (guillotine)
Eric Foley def. Mike Mulligan, Round 3, 2:46, sub (Americana)
Kelly Luchs def. Fernando Perez,
Unanimous Decision
Eric Reyell def. Jeremy Hunt, Round 1, 1:51, sub (strikes)
Keith Berish def. Phil Dace, Unanimous Decision


Scott Reyell def. Neil Strebig, Round 1, 2:05, TKO/RSC

Joe Proctor def. Nick Simonetta, Round 2, 1:30, TKO/RSC

Matt Secor def. Justin Lucas, Round 1, 2:24, sub (RNC)