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Become A NAGA Referee

The NAGA is the largest mixed grappling organization in the world. NAGA sponsors could receive a variety of benefits from their investment such as:

>Sponsors will be afforded prominent recognition through various exposure opportunities at NAGA events: temporary signage, product showcase displays, and public address announcements.

> Prominent Logo Recognition.

> Special Events Advertising & Exposure.

> Existing Mailings.

> Internet Logo & Tags.

> Access your target market in a Popular, Professional, and Exciting Environment.

> Generate Significant Brand Impact.


Each sponsorship is personally customized to best meet the objectives of the sponsoring company. If you would like more information on sponsorship opportunities with NAGA please visit our contacts page, select "Sponsor Inquiry" from the subject list, and email us.

NAGA President
Kipp Kollar

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New Breed
Dead Serious Fight Gear
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