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Become A NAGA Referee
Ring Coordinator

The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) has created a program that will allow schools that participate in and support NAGA events to become an accredited NAGA school.  This accreditation is a step that NAGA has taken to further assist schools with more opportunities of exposure for their school and students, and a way for schools to increase their enrollment.

For details on becoming a NAGA accredited school please visit our contact page, email us, and we will review your request.

The criteria to become accredited includes:

  • solid instruction
  • proper training facilities
  • a strong showing of sportsmanship at NAGA events

Please note that this section is still being built. If your school is listed incorrectly (wrong name, logo, region, etc.) please let us know and we will correct the problem. If you are listed under non-accredited, we may not have reviewed your school.



Team Renzo Gracie Tiger Schulmann's MMA Spa City BJJ
Tong Dragon Team Fight Factory AMA Karate
Lionkill BJJ Atlantic City MMA Academy Jerry Jones MMA
Buffalo BJJ K-DOJO Combat Judo
Hamilton Martial Arts Red Boy BJJ Silver Fox BJJ
Caique Jiu-Jitsu Academy New York Western NY MMA Warrior Martial Arts
Wings Martial Arts Guerrero BJJ & MMA Ronin Athletics
Integrated Martial Arts & Fitness Real World Martial Arts Reality Martial Arts
Gold Team Fighters USA (Jorge Team Black Lions Ferrara MMA
Steel City MA Triple Threat Combat Sports / Yamasaki Ephrata Martial Arts
Perreira BJJ Renzo Gracie - Newark American Eagle Martial Arts
Mrkulic BJJ Academy Amorosi Karate Westchester MMA & Fitness
Renzo Gracie - PA NY City Martial Arts Vertex Jiu-Jitsu
Madama jiu-Jitsu JBM BJJ Impulse Mixed Martial Arts
Advantage MMA Reality Mixed Martial Arts Jiu-Jitsu Family Training Center
Budo Jiu-Jitsu Diamond's MMA Academy X-Treme Mixed Martial Arts
Staten Island Judo & Jiu-jitsu Dojo Ultimate Self Defense (NY)
The Academy Reality MMA Delco BJJ
Ronin BJJ Rising Sun Academy Edson Carvalho BJJ
D'Arce Jiu-Jitsu U.S. Martial Arts Academy Premier Martial Arts - Royce Gracie
Baltimore Martial Arts Top Control BJJ Rat Pack Fighting Systems
Budokan Nick Catone's MMA Academy Bill Scott BJJ - Team Popovitch
Maxercise BJJ & Kettlebells Black Hole Jiu-Jitsu Stevens Karate
Team Silva MMA Team Defiant MMA Arts For Life
Steve Miller BJJ Team Ironside Long Island MMA & Fitness
Delaware Combat Sports Kozma BJJ Budo Jiu-Jitsu
Carnicella BJJ Harrisburg MMA Storming Mountain Academy
Brazen Martial Arts Team Combat BJJ Kru Training
Training 4 Life Red Dawn BJJ Krav Maga Solutions
Combinations Martial Arts & Fitness Gracie Thornwood The Karate Dojo (ATT Certified)
Absolute Fitness Academy Jiu-Jitsu Nation Cobra Martial Arts
Modern Fighting Concepts Pride Lands BJJ Practical MMA
Fusion Mixed Martial Arts Third Generation BJJ South Plainfield Fight Club
Pure Performance Martial Arts Center Team Endurance MMA Core Martial Arts Academy
Training Grounds    


High Energy Physiotraining American Top Team Knuckle Up
Xtreme Martial Arts Team Nogueira BJJ Center
Team Rollyson American Top Team - Fort Lauderdale Rodrigo Mendes BJJ
USA Ju Jitsu Mauricio Villardo ATT - Wellington
Core Combat Sports Rodrigo Mendes Defkon 1
K2 Nova Uniao South Florida Fabio Novaes BJJ
The Next Level Training Center BTT - Florida The Jungle MMA
ATT - Davie Octagon Gym V Pro K MMA
Elite Training Center Guardian MMA Fighting Chance BJJ
Master Lowell's MMA Academy ATT - Miramar La Salas Dojo
Port City MMA Champion Martial Arts American Top Team Atlanta
Auburn MMA Iron Clutch Fitness American Martial Arts Academy
Onikage Ascension MMA Shoritetaijutsu
Eagle Karate Systems Gracie Barra Evolution Tennessee BJJ Academy
Guerrilla Fitness In The Ring Sports Pak's Martial Arts
West Coast Martial Arts Fusion MMA BruJitsu Dojo
Advanced Health and Performance Bombers Boxing Gracie Fernandina
Wolfpack BJJ Nelumbo Ryu Jujitsu Kraken Shoot-Fighting
Imperial Athletics Ross Martial Arts Ludu's Martial Arts
Rush MMA American MMA Institute Full Throttel Fitness
XFC Fitness Free Form MMA Gracie Barra Columbus
Independent MMA Team Third Law Smith BJJ
Warrior Legion MMA Team Predator Gracie Barra Orlando
Gracie Barra Georgia America's Best Martial Arts Zanshin South Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Empyreal Martial Arts Gracie Barra - Nashville Nemesis MMA
Transformation Martial Arts Grady's MMA A Plus Martial Arts
Champion Martial Arts & Fitness Gracie PAC MMA PMA/Michel Porfirio BJJ Blairsville
Warrior Fitness & MMA    



Nemesis BJJ