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Name:  Ben Bagbek
Age:  12
Location:  New York
Occupation:  Student
Style:  Jiu-Jitsu, MMA
Team:  Tiger Schulmanns MMA
Length of Time Training:  5 years, black belt at TSMMA
Biggest Accomplishment in NAGA: 
Winning on my birthday championship belts in both division at Rhode island . Most recently at World Championship NJ.April 15,2012 In NO-GI division 7 fighter bracket 3 fights in GI division 9 fighter bracket 4 fights 1st place in both.
My Parents, M.Ali, Bruce Lee, Georges St. Pierre
Ranked Accomplishments: 
In 2011 13 years and under 2nd pl NO-Gi 3th pl in Gi in nation 1st in NY In 2012 1st place in nation as the results appears right now, my goal keep it as it is.
Other Interests: 
Reading, playing chess and basketball , dancing
Future Goals in Grappling: 
To continue training and competing, expanding my knowledge of grappling
Future Goals in Life: 
There are three choices for me! I can dedicate my life to the sport and become a professional, Become a doctor, help those who are injured in the sport, or a lawyer to h
NAGA Comments: 
Ben is a beast! He has been tearing up the mats in 2012 up and down the east coast. He is one of the favorites to win his age category for the 2012 Ranked season. Become a fan of Ben on Facebook at: