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Peter Ruiz

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Name:  Taylor "The Terror" Guerra
Age:  12
Location:  Chicago, IL
Occupation:  School kid
Style:  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Submission grappling
Team:  Comprido Bjj / Team Brasa/Team M Kimonos
Length of Time Training:  3 years (Orange belt)
Biggest Accomplishment in NAGA: 

I have won 14 consecutive Naga titles Gi and Nogi, Boys-Girls,and have been undefeated in Naga since September 09 (my very first competition)In 2011, I won the Boys 60-69 pound, 11-12 yr old, Beginner Gi/No-gi, Intermediate Gi/No-gi, and Expert Gi and No-gi divisions at 3 different Naga events

My Parents, my instructors Mark, Comprido, Jonatas, Luciana Machado Simone and my brother Matt
Ranked Accomplishments: 

2011 Ranked #2 in Midwest #2 in Illinois #13 in Nation
9/5/2010 Naga Midwest 60-69 pnd Beg/subs 3rd pl Gi, 2nd pl no-gi
5/1/2011 Naga Chicago 60-69 Beg/subs  (3 subs) 1st Gi, 1st No-gi
8/28/2011 Naga Midwest 60-69 Intermediate Div 1st Gi, 1st No-gi (2 subs)
11/06/2011 Naga Great Lakes, 60-69 pound boys Expert div, 1st place gi, 1st place no-gi (1 sub)
4/21/12 Naga Chicago Expert Boys 12/13 60-69 pound div- 1 st pl gi 1st pl nogi (4 submissions)
8/19/2012 Naga Illinois- Girls 12-13yr old 70-80 pnd expert nogi 1st place(2 subs) Girls Expert Gi 1st place(1 sub) and Boys 12-13 yr old 80-90 pnd expert div 1st place
11/04/12 Naga Midwest 1st Place Boys EXP 70-80 Nogi (2subs) 1st pl Boys exp 70-80 Gi(1 sub) 1st Pl Girls exp 70-80 nogi (1 sub) zero points scored on tay

Other Interests: 
Climbing, Music, Football, Basketball, being with friends and family
Future Goals in Grappling: 
win the 2012 Ibjjf Kid Pan Championship world title, more Naga belts, and grow my jiu jitsu game!
Future Goals in Life: 
I want to own my own Bjj school someday, also I love animals and want to help them anyway I can, go to college
NAGA Comments: 

Taylor is an extremely talented grappler who shot up the NAGA ranks in 2011. She started the year in Beginner and advanced her way through to the Expert division winning titles all along the way. She has entrenched herself as one of the top talents in NAGA children divisions who has the skills to be a future star in this sport.