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Name:  Will Dwyer
Age:  10
Location:  Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation:  5th grade student, Shaler School District
Style:  BJJ
Team:  Pedro Sauer - Sonny Achilles
Length of Time Training:  3 ½ years- bjj orange belt, 4 ½ years-judo green belt
Biggest Accomplishment in NAGA: 

I was ranked #1 nationally through July 2010 and broke my leg. I came back 8 weeks later to win a belt. I finished #3 ranked 2010. I am the current leader in points for 2011.

My instructors at Steel City Martial Arts; Sensi Achilles, Mr Jimmy, Mr Brad and Mr Marshal.
Ranked Accomplishments:

Other Interests: 
I love to read books. Also, I started to wrestle this year for Quest School of Wrestling. Coach Hienl has really helped get me to that next level . I also train with Wrecking Crew Jiu-jitsu in New
Future Goals in Grappling: 
Earn my black belt from Sensi Achiles and Eddie Bravo. Become a World Champion in BJJ.
Future Goals in Life: 
Continue to train in martial arts and someday teach it. Attend college, possibly a US Military Academy; only if they have jiu-jitsu.
NAGA Comments: 

Will travels all over the Unted States to compete in NAGA tournaments. Will has a fast paced, go for the submission style that is exciting to watch. Will continues to add more weapons to his already vast arsenal of grappling through his dedicated training. Remember the name, you will hear it on the grappling scene for a long time.