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Name:  Jake Hare
Age:  10
Location:  Las Vegas, NV
Occupation:  Student
Style:  BJJ
Team:  Throwdown
Length of Time Training:  10 months
Biggest Accomplishment in NAGA: 

NAGA Arizona - 1st place in both Intermediate and Expert Divisions, Gi and No Gi

My Dad and My Coach - Rick Davis
Ranked Accomplishments: 

09/11/2010 - NAGA West Coast Nationals (Las Vegas)
2nd place Gi Beginner w/subs

09/25/2010 - Grapplers Quest Mr. Olympia (Las Vegas)
1st place No Gi Beginners
2nd place Gi Beginners

12/18/2010 - NAGA World Championships (Dallas TX)
1st place No Gi Beginner w/subs
1st place Gi Beginner w/subs

03/05/2011 - NAGA Vegas
2nd place No Gi Intermediate
2nd place Gi Intermediate

05/07/2011 - NAGA Arizona (Phoenix)
1st place No Gi Intermediate
1st place No Gi Expert
1st place Gi Intermediate
1st place Gi Expert

Other Interests: 
Basketball, Football, Video Games
Future Goals in Grappling: 
To win World Championship in Dallas in Expert Division
Future Goals in Life: 
Graduate College and Dominate the UFC
NAGA Comments: 

Jake is one of those kids that is putting the time in the gym and the results are showing. He has only been training for 10 months and has already taken first place in a NAGA Expert division. Jake will have a NAGA belt around his waist before long.