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Name:  Brigitte Narcise
Age:  39
Location:  Fairfield, NJ
Occupation:  Marketing Consultant
Style:  BJJ, SAMBO, Wrestling
Team:  K-Dojo MMA
Length of Time Training:  Began training/first exposure to grappling in August, 2008; competed in first NAGA tournament in November, 2008.
Biggest Accomplishment in NAGA: 

The progression of going from my very first tournament in 11/08 in the Beginner Division to winning at Intermediate and Expert/Advanced Levels in less than one year, and most recently winning both Masters' Expert and Adult (all ages)Expert Divisions in one day.

My Mom, for being put through more personal trials than anyone should ever have to face and always coming out on top; my husband, for a million reasons; and my trainer/coach at K-Dojo for having limit
Ranked Accomplishments: 

2009 #1 Nationally Ranked Female Grappler for Ages 18+

Other Interests: 
MMA/kickboxing, snowboarding, hiking, reading/writing, cooking/creating, business/marketing, meeting new people.
Future Goals in Grappling: 
To train hard, keep learning & see how far we can take this thing and still HAVE FUN! In the future, I look forward to developing programs to get more women and girls involved in grappling. I truly
Future Goals in Life: 
To have fun – whatever I’m doing; to encourage my son to find his own path in life, to continue to work and play with people I like and respect, and to always be open enough to see and embrace all
NAGA Comments: 

Brigitte was the #1 Ranked Women No-Gi competitor in 2009. Her meteoric rise to the top is due to her determination and the push her incredible team, K-Dojo MMA, gives her. It is encouraging to know that Brigitte will be using her incredible intellect to help promote the sport of grappling and to help get more girls and women involved. You can see Brigitte compete at most of the east coast NAGA events.