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Ally aka "Armbar Ally" Fitzgerald

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Name:  Anthony Argyros
Age:  40
Location:  Ridegewood, NJ
Occupation:  Personal Fitness Trainer/Martial Art Instructor/Writer
Style:  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Brown Belt)
Team:  Argyros Sport BJJ
Length of Time Training:  11 Years/BJJ Purple Belt (Carlos Catania/Mike Monica)
Biggest Accomplishment in NAGA: 

November 17, 2007 "North American Grappling Championships"  > Defeated Craig Portee (2007 NAGA World Champion), Marco Delima (2007 NAGA World Champion) , Tim Williams (Cage of Vengeance Champion) and Everiton "Seneca" Silva (BJJ Black Belt/Team Link) all in one day to win 2 championship belts. I heelhooked 2 of them.

Ken Shamrock, The Gracies, Pat Stano (defeated me 4 times), Marco Delima (leads me 3-2 in our 5 matches against one another), Mike Ciesnolevicz, Joe Cuff
Ranked Accomplishments: 

1st place/Champion in NAGA Ranked events every calendar year since 2000. Wins by leg submission in NAGA Ranked events every calendar year since 2000. 10 consecutive calendar years of taking 1st place and wins by leg submissions. Started competing at age 30.

Other Interests: 
Future Goals in Grappling: 
To be NAGA Champion another 10 consecutive calendar years. I want to win NAGA titles every year from 2000-2019. I'm halfway there. After 20 consecutive years of being NAGA Champion, I'll be 50 years o
Future Goals in Life: 
To publish several more books, teach Martial Arts for the rest of my life, and most importantly, be the best family man I can be.
NAGA Comments: 

Anthony Argyros is what NAGA is all about. He is a dedicated grappler who puts it all out there when he gets on the mats. The enthusiasm and genuine love he shows for the sport is immediately apparent when you speak with him or compete against him.

It would be an honor for either Kipp or Joe to grapple Anthony in 10 years.

You can purchase Anthony's book, "INSIDE THE COMBAT CLUB......Memoirs of a Submission Wrestler", by clicking HERE.

Anthony recently received a brown belt in BJJ from his long time instructor Carlos Catania.