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Maryland Championship
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CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR NAGA MARYLAND CHAMPIONSHIP (please read the information below about the new registration system before proceeding to the registration page)

The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) is the worlds largest mixed grappling tournament circuit with over 500,000 competitors worldwide. On Saturday, December 15, 2018, NAGA comes to White Marsh, MD for the NAGA Maryland Grappling Championship. Come as an individual or as a team to compete.


The event package includes details about the event in an easy to view (or printout) PDF format. The package contains: travel information, the breakdown of divisions (age, weight, and skill level), a summary of the rules and point system, and more.

For this event NAGA will be using the Smoothcomp tournament management system. If you have competed in a Smoothcomp event in the past you can login to Smoothcomp with those login credentials. If this is the first time you are using Smoothcomp you will need to create an account with them. If you have competed in a previous NAGA event using the TourneyGuru system, you will not be able to register for this event through that system.

Smoothcomp is a tournament management system that allows you to register and pay for an event online. The system will generate brackets and at the event keep you updated on what time and which mat you will be competing, all in real time. We are excited to be using this system and giving our customers a better overall tournament experience at NAGA.

NAGA has three registration options: Pre-Registration Online, Late Online Registration, and At Event Registration. Details for each registration type are below.

You can register for the tournament here: TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION PAGE

Pre-Registration:         Register by Friday, December 7, 2018, 5:00 PM EST.
Late Registration:        Register 12/8/18 through 12/12/18, 5:00 PM EST.
At Event Registration:  Thursday (12/13/18), Friday (12/14/18) or Saturday (12/15/18)

more details on each registration type follows.

Register early and save money. The registration fees are:
1 Division = $89
Each additional division is $20
Spectators are $12 each. Children 8 and under are $5 and can only be purchased at the door.

We understand that you may not be able to commit to compete until the week of the event. This option is cheaper than registering at the event. The registration fees are:
1 Division = $109
Each additional division is $20
Spectators are $15 each. Children 8 and under are $5 and can only be purchased at the door.

For those who register the Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the event (12/13 - 12/15/18), the registration fees are:
1 Division or 2 Divisions= $149
Spectators are $15 each. Children 8 and under are $5 and can only be purchased at the door.

Click the red SCHEDULE tab (above) for registration and weigh-in times.

Cash or credit (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) are the only accepted forms of payment at the event. AmEx and checks are not accepted.
You can register on Friday night during the designated timeframe (please consult the event schedule for this timeframe) or on Saturday.

In order to run the event efficiently it is extremely important that competitors are checked-in and weighed-in by the cutoff times listed below. Competitors who arrive after the listed cutoff time will not be allowed to compete and will be given a credit to compete in a future event. There are no exceptions.
Children and Teens (17 & under): On Saturday, competitors need to be checked-in by 9:00 AM and weighed-in by 9:30 AM. Any competitor who misses these times will not be allowed to compete at this event.
Adults (18 & over): On Saturday, competitors 18 years and older must be checked-in by 1:00 PM and weighed-in by 1:30 PM. Any competitor who misses these times will not be allowed to compete at this event.

All competitors have the option to weigh-in on Friday but they must still be at the event at the check-in time listed above. Please check the event schedule for Friday's timeframe.

There will be two options when you enter the event:

1. If you registered and paid with a credit card online you will go directly to the Pre-registration desk to check-in and collect your registration cards. You will then go to the Referee Interview table. The referee will make sure you are in the correct division then send you to weigh-in. You cannot weigh-in without checking in at this table.

2. If you did not register online, are adding an extra division, or purchasing spectator passes, you need to go to the Pay Today table. Competitors will need to register using the Smoothcomp website either through their phone/tablet/computer or using one of the NAGA provided registration terminals. You will then proceed to the Referee Interview table. After finishing up at the Referee Interview table and collecting your free merchandise, you will go to the weigh-in station.

We understand it can be expensive having multiple family members train and then compete.  NAGA does offer some relief to families who have multiple family members compete in the same NAGA event.  The discount only applies to competitors, not spectators. When registering a family, you will register each competitor then enter a coupon code at the payment screen. For 2 family members the discount is $20, 3 members is $40, 4 members $60, and so on.
FAMILY RATES ARE ONLY VALID FOR THE FOLLOWING: A parent paying for themselves and their minor child or children (under the age of 18). A parent paying for their minor children (under the age of 18).
In order to obtain a family discount you must call our office at860.295.0403, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9AM and 5PM EST. We will provide you the code. If you reach our voicemail please leave your name, number, the event you are registering for, and the number of family members competing. We will leave you a message with the code if we reach your voicemail.

If you are having issues setting up a Smoothcomp account, registering, need to change a weight class or academy, or any Smoothcomp related questions, visit the Smoothcomp knowledge base HERE. Many of your questions can be answered on this page. If further assistance is needed please contact NAGA via email or call 860.295.0403. Contact NAGA for answers to any tournament specific questions (location, times, skill levels, etc).

CREDITS - You can CANCEL and receive a full credit towards any future NAGA event for any reason. Competitors must cancel by 12:00 PM on the Friday before the event by logging into your account and canceling your registration. This credit is valid up to 1 year from the date you cancel.

REFUNDS - As a general rule we do not issue refunds. If there are extenuating circumstances (such as a death in the family), a partial/full refund may be possible. Please contact our office at 860-295-0403.

Each year NAGA runs over 65 events a year across the world. We are always looking for new staff members to join the NAGA team. If you are interested in becoming a referee, ring coordinator, security, weigh-in, awards, or photographer email us at Please note that if you are working the event you will not be able to compete at that event.

Here is information you might find helpful when registering for a NAGA event. If you have a question that is not answered, please email or call 860.295.0403.

For weight classes, age category, and skill level information click the red 'DIVISIONS' tab above. You can also download them: ADULT or CHILDREN/TEEN.

For weigh-in and registration location and times, click the ref 'SCHEDULE' tab.

For estimated division start times, click the 'SCHEDULE' tab.

For the address and directions to the venue, and lodging options, please click the red 'TRAVEL INFO' tab above.

To view the NAGA rules and judging criteria, go HERE.

To view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, go HERE.



NAGA awards championship belts to all Children, Teen, Adult, Masters, Director and Executive, Expert Division champions (Limit 1 belt per competitor per event for division winners). Absolute Intermediate, Expert, Blue Belt, and Purple Belt winners are awarded belts. Absolute division winners will win a belt even if they win one in their weight class division. This award is unrivaled in quality and appearance.



NAGA will be awarding custom engraved SAMURAI SWORDS to all non-expert Children & Teen 1st place winners (Limit 1 per competitor per event). Custom medals will be awarded to all 2nd & 3rd place winners along with non-expert Adult division winners. Adult competitors who place 1st and win a gold medal will have the opportunity to obtain a samurai sword at the NAGA T-shirt booth for a nominal fee. All children (13 and under) who do not place 1st through 3rd will take home an award.

NAGA awards customized championship cups to the tournament team champions. A cup can be won in: Adult Overall, Adult No-Gi, Adult Gi, and Children & Teens Overall. Please make sure your team registers under the same team name. Do not miss this opportunity to showcase the talent that your team possesses.



Children and Teen competitors will receive a free NAGA pop socket. Backpacks are still available if you prefer one instead. Your free gift is picked up at the tournament.
*Style may vary

All Adult competitors receive a free NAGA t-shirt. The t-shirt is picked up at the event.
*Style may vary



NAGA is bringing a truckload of grappling gear (Board shorts, gi bags, rash guards, t-shirts, hats, gi hoodies, patches, skull caps, stickers, dog tags, etc.) in children and adults sizes, for males and females. Check out the huge selection of gear and apparel at the NAGA event.


NAGA has established a presence online through our website and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We are expanding the material that is offered on these sites outside of the NAGA website. If you use any of these sites, please join us and be kept up to date with the latest NAGA news.
- Get the monthly NAGA email by filling out this form. If you have already competed in NAGA you do not need to fill this out:
- "Like" NAGA on Facebook: You will be notified of the latest NAGA news and events.
- Follow NAGA on Twitter: or @NAGA_FIGHTER. We will start to tweet what divisions are coming up at tournaments to help you as a competitor or fan stay informed.
- Our YouTube page is: Submit links to YouTube videos of you competing in NAGA to so that we can share your video with the rest of the NAGA community.

- The NAGA Smoothcomp Federation page where you can register for events can be found here: