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Georgia State Grappling Championship
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Saturday, May 7th 2005 – Jonesboro, Georgia

409 competitors from all over the world made the journey to Jonesboro, Georgia (Just south of Atlanta) for the NAGA’s 4th Annual Georgia State Grappling Championship. The event featured over 100 Gi & No-Gi Grappling Divisions, along with two 8-man Absolute Divisions. All division winners were treated to an awesome 1st place award - Samurai Swords!


We wanted to thank all of the fighters and spectators who made the trip to Atlanta to compete. We hope you enjoyed the event. Also special thanks to Casca Grossa our event sponsor.


The NAGA hosted a Gi & No-Gi Absolute Division which drew top competitors from all over the Southeast. Highlighted in the 8-Man No-Gi was Ultimate Fighter 205 lb. Champion Forrest Griffin & BJJ Black Belt Roberto Traven.

Also competing in the Absolute Division was Taiwan Wright, Josh Felkman, Charley Hanebrink, Chris Moriarty, Cliff Consece, Junior & Rory Singer

In the finals Roberto Traven & Forrest Griffin paired off for a close but exciting match. Forrest edged out Roberto with the win.


Chris Moriarty (Alliance) beat Diego Sardira in the finals of one of the best matches of the day. Also competing in the Gi Absolute was Eamon Copher, Alex Meadows and James Steyy.


Team Allinace & head coach Jacare Cavalcanti who swept 1st place in the No-Gi, Gi amnd Children's Team awards!