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Jake Hare

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Fall River Grappling Classic
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With all the road blocks that were thrown up by local Cape Cod authorities, it was literally a miracle that we were able to pull off the NAGA Cape Cod show and Mass Destruction 21 events on July 16th.

Before we congratulate those that competed that day, I personally wanted to thank John Burke and Joe Cuff for all their efforts in making this show happen. We contacted over 32 venues when we were unable to defeat the Eastham building inspector with the numerous road blocks he put up in Cape Cod. We obtained over 43 letters by various government officials, fire, police, doctors, lawyers, newspapers, etc. to get the show approved in Fall River.

We have never worked so hard to get a show approved. A huge thank you goes out to our entire staff of 63 people who worked endless hours over the weekend. And obviously a huge thank you goes out to the athletes and fans of these events for their support and patience.

The NAGA is proud of the fact that in our 10 year history we have never cancelled a show. Thanks again!

Here are the official results…

On SATURDAY, July 16th, 2005 the NAGA held the NAGA Cape Cod event which attracted 396 grapplers from across the country. The Grappling Tournament featured 108 No-Gi & Gi Divisions. SAMURAI SWORDS where awarded to all 1st place winners CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS where awarded to the Gi & No-Gi Absolute Winner.